Our Focus


  • To engage in evangelism, that’s to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and church expansion.
  • Sponsorship programs for children to receive basic needs such as food, clothing, bedding, and education

  • To establish children’s home and take care of orphans by providing them food, clothing, shelter medical care and education.

  • To establish a good quality education and reasonable care to children who are limited by their parent’s social economic status.

  • To establish and empower children who are vulnerable within the community by empowering them with the applicable knowledge suitable for their well-being.

  • To promote, encourage and provide counseling services to all men, women and children from divergent background [all walks of life] from all over Uganda.

  • To engage in charitable and social work independently or jointly with other organization doing similar work.

  • To promote and take on projects that respond to the social, physical, vocational and educational needs of the community.

  • Care and support for widows


  • To take on projects which combat the most formidable problems facing families like domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, homelessness ,drug and alcohol abuse, ganga activities, child care needs and child employment ,particularly through educational programs.

  • To undertake and promote projects aiming at alleviating starvation and to reduce malnutrition and mortality rate among children, to reduce eliminate major diseases resulting from inadequate nutrition.

  • To work with government agencies and non- governmental agencies to increase awareness among the membership and broader community about HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

  • To engage in agriculture, poultry keeping/ raring, freshen cattle

  • To carry out activities that protects the natural environment.

  • To engage in activities that promotes good health.