Let Children Live Uganda is located in the Busoga Region (Bugweri District-Idudi), which is by every measure the poorest region in Uganda today. There have been very little deliberate efforts made to alleviate the cases of needy and orphan children ,thus increasing the poverty of this region. Let Children Live Uganda brings hope to this community by meeting both spiritual and physical needs of these children. Many of these children are lucky to have one meal a day, with no one to care for them and no place to lay their heads at night.


Let Children Live Uganda was founded in 2017 by Kizito Yowana, born in 1993 in Bugiri District. Kizito grew up in a very poor family and community where no one was capable of helping each other. However through the blessing of Compassion International’s child sponsorship program, Kizito was able to complete his Bachelor’s degree in community development in 2018 at Africa Renewal University. He officially began Let Children Live Uganda when he began taking care of 3 children in 2017. Let Children Live Uganda was officially registered in March of 2019. Because of God’s grace and mercy in Kizito’s own life, He has such a strong passion for giving the same love and support that He was gifted as a child to the children in his area that are going through the same struggles he did growing up.