Be the solution by volunteering with us

Have you ever thought of making a difference and do you want to make a difference in the lives of orphans in Uganda? If yes, then here it’s a great opportunity to travel in an exciting country while making a positive impact? Realize your dreams of travelling and making a difference by volunteering with orphans and needy children at Let Children Live Uganda.

Volunteer with us as you help the orphans with their daily tasks, including both tutoring and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, you will offer them love and attention that they desperately need and deserve and make a difference in their lives.

As you volunteer with us you will be able to participate in different activities:

  • Providing daily care

Under here, you will get to take an active part in daily activities like helping with Bible reading, storytelling, cooking, serving food, bathing children, feeding some little children, support and mentor different children etc. therefore your valuable support and contribution in running the daily activities will be welcomed and looked upon as a fantastic change.

  • Developing new ideas and skills to lead a better life.

While working with us you will include various creative programs, such as games, music, art, and painting and make sure that they enthusiastically take part and learn as well. By teaching them a different set of skills and this will help to mold their lives for the better tomorrow and provide them with new opportunities.

  • Build lasting relationships

Volunteering with us, you will be able to provide attention, care and guidance to these orphaned and needy children and this therefore will greatly improve the quality of their childhood, and provide you with life-long relationships with the children. What unforgettable great memories it can be created together with us all.

  • Enhance the lives of children

Under here you will be able to dedicate your time and effort to changing the lives of orphaned and needy children. Furthermore you will guide and support the children, helping them to grow and fend for themselves in the future.

  • Provide a safe haven to the orphaned kids for healthy living

While joining us and volunteering with us, you will have an opportunity to give children a secure and safe childhood. These efforts will not only have a long term positive effect in changing the lives of these orphans but yours as well.

  • Educating on personal hygiene, and safety rules and precautions

Under here, you will participate in teaching children different topics which can be social, spiritual, and hygienic, developmental, etc.